Last week I had the chance to head to Deck the Hall Ball for a local radio station.  The Killers were head lining along with Death Cab, Cold War Kids, Shiny Toy Guns and Aquaduct.  I missed Shiny Toy Guns and Aquaduct but I did get to see the rest of the show. The Killers… Read More

If you remember my post from April 24th I promised a review, and here it is: CD 1 – Red Jumpsuit Apparatus I like this CD the most of the three I picked up.  Something about it was just plain good.  It had its EMO moments but for the most part it is a good… Read More

This week there is some new Music that is loading up now on the iPod:Cold War Kids Dropkick Murphys LCD Soundsystem The Departed Soundtrack And last but not least!!The New Avril!!! Powered by ScribeFire.… Read More

Time for a review… So a few weeks ago I made the plunge and got me a 30 gig Black iPod.  I like it.  Its not as big as my 2nd gen 10 gig but it is still a little clunky.  So why?  I have a 6 gig Zen and a 2 gig Nano.  Well… Read More

XM is really ticking me off.  Last week they suspend O&A.   Now they are having satellite issues?  I have a lot to say about this…ALOT….I have been biting my tongue on this whole radio thing but this may just put me over the edge. Powered by ScribeFire.… Read More

As we speak I am updating my iPod. I am adding the following CD’s. Once I get a chance to listen to them I will get some review on… The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus Plain White T’s Arcade Fire Powered by ScribeFire.… Read More

Just got in a fresh batch of music! Currently Spinning new today the bravery, Phoenix and Mickey Avalon. Check them out at amazon powered by performancing firefox… Read More

Well I found out on Wen. that apparently its almost christmas.  I had pretty much thought I had a few weeks or so.  Well thank god I got my shopping done.  I have to do stuff tomorrow night and got brunch plans on Monday.  Tuesday will be XBOX day.  I should have a few new… Read More

Looks like the site is acting a little funny tonight. Must be in the weather. On that note the traffic is killing me. Thursday last week 3 hours for 23 miles. Friday not much better at a whopping 2 hours and 20 minutes. Today was only an hour and 20 minutes so thats much better.… Read More