2 comments on “Reasons I left the Food World

  • You’re right: I don’t think anyone is under the impression that they’ll make a killing in the food industry. The only jobs that look good are restaurant critic, sommelier, and food scientist. But those are hardly the things people think of when they hear that someone is in the “food world.”

  • A few weeks ago I got to talking to the nice lady behind my local seafood counter; we discussed the recipe I needed the lump dungeness for, and in doing so she revealed she was a schooled and experienced chef, who’d traded her life of 60-hour weeks in the kitchen of top local hotels for the quietude that QFC offered. “At least I get to go home” was stuck in my mind for a long time after that. Damn the Food Network for not giving the unsuspecting any clue what the life is really like. Damn them, I say.

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