Man there has been a ton of stuff thats happened since my last birthday. I have been to Iceland, Florida, Kansas City and San Francisco. I have made new friends gotten a promotion at work and I have got to see stuff that I never imagined I would have. I have started doing a Sounders… Read More

Getting ready to head to Iceland on Thursday. Should be a great trip. Going to try to keep up here as much as I can during the trip to ensure that I can post links to photos and stuff so keep it tuned in here if you want to see whats up in Iceland. I… Read More

I have mentioned it several times here and there and every where but how long is it going to take my damn generation to wake up.  What would happen if I turned on the news and we were not just talking about Democrats and Republicans?  What if we had a multiparty (true multiparty) system where… Read More

“I mean, it’s ludicrous,” said Ms. Feldman, 25. “I’m not going to feel better about losing hundreds of thousands of dollars because someone puts a frown face to regretfully inform me.” Here is the Link for the above Quote Powered by ScribeFire.… Read More

Over the last week I have been asking myself “How Much Social is Too Much?” Between Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, Pownce, LiveJournal, LinkedIn and all the other social networks I am part of as well as my RSS feeds where do it end? Some days I feel like keeping up with all of it is a… Read More