So I have made one resolution that I will try to keep this year.Use the technology I have to stay organized. powered by performancing firefox… Read More

I guess that its no suprise to anyone one that with the salary range here that I would get out of the business. Read More  here… Read More

  If you use outlook and get more then 1 or 2 emails a day, I want to introduce you to a product that rocks my boat! I have been using ClearContext IMS for over a year now and can’t live without it.  There is a free version out there if you want but to… Read More

So I was catching up on my RSS feeds and I ran accross this and thought it was very interesting! For those that are to lazy to pull up the page it regards Zune.  MS’s new media showing.  Promising an iPOD killer.  Now being that I have believed in MS for so so many years… Read More

I have spent a better part of a weekend working with DotNetNuke and I am pretty happy with it so far. I am in need of some different skins but I am working on that.  Its been much easier then when I first looked at it.  I don’t know if I was high or tired… Read More

Getting ready to jump on a plane home. Its been a rough week. I am burnt. I know that Amy has had a rough week too. My mom is in seattle so I will get to see her. More later I have to eat my salad and drink my beer.… Read More

So I was readingCNN this morning and came across this page. It talks about how much the internet has changed the way we live? I am in a bubble of technology so I can tell if this is true. I am the internet. I live by email. I goggle or MSN search everything. I have… Read More