iPhone Tip! Turn off the wireless when not on a wireless network of your choosing! This will save you plenty of Battery Life for surfing tubes at fast 3G speeds while on the go!… Read More

iPhone 3G Tip: If you use your Headphone jack you may experiance your iPhone no longer making those cool little sounds like New Mail and SMS ect. The Phone ringer still worked but everything else stopped working. So far I have been baffled by the lack of info on the issue but if you power… Read More

So yesterday I decided to head out to Bellevue Square Mall Apple store to pick up a v2 iPhone.  I know that was dumb but sometimes I am dumb.  Note This story began at 5pm not 5 am. So I get there and see the line….It was HUGE.  The store was filled with people, there… Read More

Have you been having issues with your Exchange server with Entourage 2008? Simple fix: Right Click on our Exchange Folder | Folder Properties | General | Empty Cache This seemed to fix my issues faster then anything else.… Read More

So now that I am using a Mac at work I am also using Mac Office 08.  That means Entourage 08 with our exchange server.  I am working to find a nice easy way to move my data from my exchange inbox to my local machine without to much pain…. I use to use ClearContext… Read More

Went and picked up some leopard today for the Macs.  So far so good with straight upgrades.  Got it on 2 of the 3 machines without much of an issue. Apparently for TimeMachine to work you need to pave your external harddrive.  Thats not gonna happen.  I need to get some more space before I… Read More

Below is my current office config for the moment. I still need to work on some cord management but other then that I am ok with the setup. I love running the iMac in with dual screens it makes me happy. You can see the mac mini and the airport and if you look you… Read More

I quick hit of the retail store availability of iPhones in Washington shows only U village has them! If I were you I would call to see if they have the Model you want.  The green light only means they have the mythical device called iPhone not which flavor they have. My trip to the… Read More

So last night around 1030pm I made piece with the fact I will not be owning an iPhone.  That still hasn’t stopped me from keeping up on the iPhone info since last night. Notes from the last 12 hours: AT&T customer service sucks and there are many issues with activation MacWorld editors have having a… Read More

“Everyone is getting one!” Well I am not.  I am not standing in line.  I am not going ape shit.  I am not waiting for the apple site to come back up in 20 minutes. Why?  Well lets cover all the reasons shall we! 1.  I love my Blackberry2.  I will not give AT&T my… Read More