How many times have you been on the app store and downloaded a tool you or your team needs? I bet it happens a lot! Most of those apps have enterprise apps that your company has a license for or a different tool that does the same thing in place already but you didn’t know… Read More

I know this blog is here but I feel like I never have time to write. I want to, I think about it but I forget or I am “to busy”. Its all BS I just never feel like it when I have the time but never have the time when I want to. I… Read More

Man there has been a ton of stuff thats happened since my last birthday. I have been to Iceland, Florida, Kansas City and San Francisco. I have made new friends gotten a promotion at work and I have got to see stuff that I never imagined I would have. I have started doing a Sounders… Read More

So I made a pretty generic post on my twitter and Facebook the other day that has a few people asking questions so I figure I would do a bit of a post on what I know and what my plan is. On Wednesday I was called by my doctor who to my surprise had… Read More

Just took of from Seatac and we are about 20k and heading east. Iceland bound with a 645 am arrival. We lucked out and got the only row on the flight with only 2 people so Amy and I will be able to stretch out. So glad o be getting out of town for a… Read More

Week 2 is over and I am officially 10lbs lighter then I was when this started. Thats a good thing and its time to keep the train rolling. I need to lose 40 more to be where the doctors what me.… Read More

I have decided to use this space for my own personal recording of my diet and such. More of a personal tracking and accountability. I figured since its used for little else as of late it would be a great platform to keep stuff off of twitter and facebook. If people want to keep up… Read More

Been a while since a wrote but since I had a somewhat life changing experience I figured I should write about it. Tuesday started out just like any other work day. Me being a bit tired after a nice 3 day weekend but I was up and out of the house on time without incident.… Read More

I remember I was somewhere and I heard the question asked “who is your biggest competitor?” the answer surprised me at the time. Not because of the words spoken but it was the forward thinking of the answer, ‘Its the guy in his garage..building the next big thing“. Those words stopped me in my tracks… Read More