I am so damn tired of the dribble that is coming out of the House of Representatives.  I have not heard one damn thing of value in the last 6 months that leads me to believe that they care about America.  NOTHING.  All I here is Nancy and John bicker back and forth about nothing. … Read More

Most everyone I knows I was in DC over the last few days.  I was there for one reason, to see Seattle Sounders FC play for the US Open Cup in RFK stadium.  So much happened in the span of 24 hours I will try to recount it in all its glory. September 2nd started… Read More

The battle is raging on around the country today between our broken 2 party system.  Once more it seems that the fight is not about what is right or what is wrong but who is right and who is wrong.  Scare tactics and TV ads are the tools of the fight.  Grass root efforts on… Read More

There is a lot to be said about the state of the US Health Care system. The last few weeks there have been lots of this and that bickering about what should and should not be done. Obama is using his “Yes We Can” ideas which are fine and all and he has done something… Read More

thruxton_2009_popup_2 Originally uploaded by lastweeksfreak After thinking and thinking and realizing I cant really afford a harley I think this is what I want in the Bike department.… Read More

I think today there are many people around the world who felt the “winds of change”, but what is change? In todays world can one man bring change to so so many people? I don’t think so but I think that one man can bring the idea of change into a nation that needs change.… Read More

This is my very Diverse and educated 10.5 month old nephew. I am glad he has a chance to wear his MLK shirt on MLK day before its way to small for him!… Read More