Ah 2008 where did you go?  It seems like so long ago since you were here but yet it was only 16 days ago. That said lets recap the last year or so shall we. Back in January I was getting ready to move from South Seattle to Sammamish due to a small house fire… Read More

P1010008_JPG.jpg Originally uploaded by lastweeksfreak I have finally put up the pictures of the new House. Everything is there but the fridge which is a Whirlpool Gold Side by Side. You can see the rest of the set here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/lastweeksfreak/sets/72157611378475172/ Good news from Zillow.com says our house is worth 12k more then a month ago!… Read More

Things have been a bit up and down here the last few weeks.  Been trying to get the new house together and pictures online (part one is almost done and pictures are on my computer finally). Between work, house and holiday parties things have been way busy.  We have had snow and I am still… Read More

Today marked the first full day in the new house.  I never thought about what it would feel like to be a home owner again.  The feeling is surreal, its very weird to be in my own house.  Today was full of adventure, the dish guy was here and got everything perfect for me (which… Read More

Today is election day in the US. For us its a pretty big deal. Hell I am pretty sure the world is looking to see what happens in the US today/tonight. I cast my vote 2 weeks ago but I have been watching and waiting for tonight. But the reason for this post is to… Read More

Well its Monday of closing week on the new house in Renton. It seems like things could fall apart at any time even though I have been on top of everything since the beginning. It seems its just I dotting and T crossing at this point but Friday can’t come soon enough. We still need… Read More

IMG_4678 Originally uploaded by lastweeksfreak This is my favorite picture of me this summer. Post Surgery and trying to go big! To bad my wake boarding season is pretty much over just as it started. Looking forward to a few more sessions before the end of the season. It cant be spring soon enough!… Read More

  4th of July-Uncle Lee Originally uploaded by lastweeksfreak     Attached is a picture of Little Lewis. He is 4 months old and lives on Beacon Hill. He is money. You can check out his blog with kick ass video and other pics at http://lewisdavidthompson.blogspot.com/… Read More

I guess those who may not know me in real life might not know that I am a huge Mix Martial Arts fan.  I watch a lot of events as well as do a lot of reading on the sport.  The last 3 months have been HUGE for MMA, huge maybe an understatement.   MMA… Read More