Sitting here looking at this view thinking about the last 15 days and all the things I have seen keep me in awe. I forget the great life I get to live, I forget those that do not get the things I have got to do. Traveling as been a life long dream and I… Read More

I know this blog is here but I feel like I never have time to write. I want to, I think about it but I forget or I am “to busy”. Its all BS I just never feel like it when I have the time but never have the time when I want to. I… Read More

Hey Freddie I have read your recent comments about moving to Celtic and how great that is cause of the passion. Fuck you, you do not know what passion is. You had a chance to make your own kingdom but you pissed that a way in Seattle didn’t you. You had your shot at being… Read More

Over that last 24 hours and moving through the night into late tomorrow, the Rave Green of the Seattle Sounders Fan base will be moving east.  The Seattle Sounders are playing in the US Open Cup finals in Washington DC against DC United.  This has brought a sense among Sounders faithful to spend their hard… Read More

Today our Sounders went on the road for the first time. We looked good though our defense showed it’s youth with a few close calls at the end but we kept the clean sheet and sent the TFC fans home early! Way to go sounders you are tops!… Read More

Sounders Game 2 at QWest has come and gone and a lot has transpired on the Sounders front since.  KC Keller was named Player of the Week and Fredy Montero was named Player of the Month as well as getting his second straight Goal of the Week.  Sounders had a full page in the NY… Read More

I am a bit late with this update but its taking me 2 days to soak in the events of Thursday and all the Sounders goodness that has happened before, during and after.  The following are my accounts of match day and reflect nothing but my personal opinions. Wednesday night was not my normal kind… Read More

Well I am getting ready to go out to celebrate entering my 34th year of life.  Yes for you that can’t do math that would mean that I am going to be 33 tomorrow at 5:57pm.  Things are good.  Never would have thought I would have made it this far but I am did. Things… Read More

So last weekend we headed up to bellingham for a soccer tourney and got our asses handed to us!  It was still alot of fun to get out of town and play some soccer as its been a slow soccer summer. On the soccer front, Real Madrid will be playing DC United this week here… Read More