Going home sounds weird. The place I grew and what I call home. Washington, D.C., Northern Virginia, Baltimore and the mid Atlantic region. Home. Well home is a subjective place, home is where the heart is or where you are. My rules I guess are a it different. Home is no where. I am a… Read More

Sitting here looking at this view thinking about the last 15 days and all the things I have seen keep me in awe. I forget the great life I get to live, I forget those that do not get the things I have got to do. Traveling as been a life long dream and I… Read More

Just took of from Seatac and we are about 20k and heading east. Iceland bound with a 645 am arrival. We lucked out and got the only row on the flight with only 2 people so Amy and I will be able to stretch out. So glad o be getting out of town for a… Read More

Getting ready to head to Iceland on Thursday. Should be a great trip. Going to try to keep up here as much as I can during the trip to ensure that I can post links to photos and stuff so keep it tuned in here if you want to see whats up in Iceland. I… Read More

Things have been a bit up and down here the last few weeks.  Been trying to get the new house together and pictures online (part one is almost done and pictures are on my computer finally). Between work, house and holiday parties things have been way busy.  We have had snow and I am still… Read More

Sitting on a houseboat about 14 hours from Seattle right now. Things are good 2 days on. Got a few sessions of wakeboarding and I have been learning to wake surf. Pretty fun and relaxing so far. You can see by the picture things are peaceful.… Read More

I am back in California for the second time this year.  Its a bit different then last time which was a quick 24 hour trip to the GooglePlex.  This time I am here seeing my daughter which is awesome. Its been a long time since I have seen her and I am glad we are… Read More

Its been a pretty busy few months with little to get updated.  I will have some time to post I hope while I am in Hawaii! Powered by ScribeFire.… Read More

After a 24 hour travel day I am back at home and back at the office!  I will be working over the weekend to get the 600+ pics some where and update stuff but they are not up yet.. Powered by ScribeFire.… Read More