Been a while since a wrote but since I had a somewhat life changing experience I figured I should write about it. Tuesday started out just like any other work day. Me being a bit tired after a nice 3 day weekend but I was up and out of the house on time without incident.… Read More

Hey Freddie I have read your recent comments about moving to Celtic and how great that is cause of the passion. Fuck you, you do not know what passion is. You had a chance to make your own kingdom but you pissed that a way in Seattle didn’t you. You had your shot at being… Read More

I have mentioned it several times here and there and every where but how long is it going to take my damn generation to wake up.  What would happen if I turned on the news and we were not just talking about Democrats and Republicans?  What if we had a multiparty (true multiparty) system where… Read More

I remember I was somewhere and I heard the question asked “who is your biggest competitor?” the answer surprised me at the time. Not because of the words spoken but it was the forward thinking of the answer, ‘Its the guy in his garage..building the next big thing“. Those words stopped me in my tracks… Read More

Ever hear that expression the right hand does not know what the left hand is doing?  How bout your my right hand man?  Ever wonder if those same ideas come up in politics?  I do.  A lot. I think its funny that I have quite a few friends that consider themselves Right leaning when it… Read More

I am so damn tired of the dribble that is coming out of the House of Representatives.  I have not heard one damn thing of value in the last 6 months that leads me to believe that they care about America.  NOTHING.  All I here is Nancy and John bicker back and forth about nothing. … Read More

So its taken me most of the summer to get the balls to ride the bike…and now I am kicking myself.  Good thing is the rain is holding out so far and the September days have be great riding so far.  The bad thing is I wasted all of June and July because I am… Read More

Most everyone I knows I was in DC over the last few days.  I was there for one reason, to see Seattle Sounders FC play for the US Open Cup in RFK stadium.  So much happened in the span of 24 hours I will try to recount it in all its glory. September 2nd started… Read More