Heading out to Vegas right now. I am getting excited. Tonight will be the bachelor party and we will be all over Vegas. I will try to post some highlights tomorrow! Hookers & Blow!… Read More

So I did a word count to see how long my last post was and it was over 1000 words.  I thought writing that much would be much more work then it really was. Now if I can make that happen with a normal boring every week thing I will hit my goal.  I just… Read More

So I figured I would head down to the local $20 buy-in at the card room down from my house tonight.  I have played there a few times and have done well each time.  The regulars where there and I sat down with my 2k in chips and I had a few regulars at my… Read More

I am taking on a new project….. I am going to try my hand at writing.  This will be here on the blog.  I have been thinking alot about it for a long time and think its time to go forward with this idea. What will I write about?  Well this is where things are… Read More

Here I am in Hawaii for a few days on business and all kinds of weird stuff has come up…… More to Follow….Next week could be interesting…..… Read More

Hanging out in Honolulu Int. Airport right now.  Mai Tai’s are flowing and I think I have drink’n enough to not feel the back pain anymore.  Things are coming along for the vegas trip so I am looking forward to that.  Internet in bars is ok….I can drink and look at girls….not so bad.  What… Read More

Well it was a one of those Poker weeks that just kills you.  Up one day and back down again.  It seems just when I figure out my game I lose it again.  I wish I could be consistant in my game play. Tuesday was the weekly Nickel Dime game which can get alittle crazy… Read More

I am trying to find a way to recover my database.  I have lost it and have had to break down and use a different host and I am way pissed about it….I hope I can recover the DB so I can get back to where I was.… Read More

Sitting here at QWest Field watching Sunderland vs. Sounders! Its 1-0 sunderland. Its been a great game so far. I will post more about the game later. Ole!… Read More