Over that last 24 hours and moving through the night into late tomorrow, the Rave Green of the Seattle Sounders Fan base will be moving east.  The Seattle Sounders are playing in the US Open Cup finals in Washington DC against DC United.  This has brought a sense among Sounders faithful to spend their hard… Read More

Remember back in March when there was all that talk about improving America’s transportation system with green high speed railways? Where is it?  No really where is it?  Where are my shovel ready rail projects and where all that damn money we should be putting in to it?  Seems that is now the caboose of… Read More

This week I heard a lot of political ramblings about health care from Democrats speaking to their more undereducated Republicans.  It amazes me that in today’s access to anything you want via internet, there is so much confusion on what health care reform really is. Death panels and the first step into becoming a socialist… Read More

The battle is raging on around the country today between our broken 2 party system.  Once more it seems that the fight is not about what is right or what is wrong but who is right and who is wrong.  Scare tactics and TV ads are the tools of the fight.  Grass root efforts on… Read More

There is a lot to be said about the state of the US Health Care system. The last few weeks there have been lots of this and that bickering about what should and should not be done. Obama is using his “Yes We Can” ideas which are fine and all and he has done something… Read More

Well its finally home.  After a long long time of wishing hoping and praying about it I finally did something about it.  I am officially the proud owner of a motorcycle.  Its a fancy red one to boot.  I guess if I wait long enough dreams do come true. I still need to work on… Read More