Lost my Database host for a day or so….Just testing to see if I am back online…still cant hit the DB with my DB tools…makes me unhappy!… Read More

Only in Seattle can you dirty hippy girls doing landscaping. I am pretty sure they are working on their BS in enviornmental science from westen wa.… Read More

Well I made it home last night at 1230am.  I have come to the conclusion that Atlanta Int. Airport is hell on earth.  I have yet to get out of there at a normal time.  Its not even like a 10 or 20 delay its always like an hour.  I hate that place.  Its to… Read More

There are lots of things I want to post to Friends but I am to damn tired too right now.  But apparently the quote for the day is “Eric Can’t do Base Boards!!!”.  Thats from my Co– Worker! I am off to bed now..Oh in my Big Bed…I Love the Big Beds.  … Read More

I am now in Alabama…Damn its HOTT….Its damn HOTT…. It was pretty much hell getting here but I got the hook ups! Though I did not get to fly first class, I did get an emergency row exit and that works for me.  Because of the lateness they were low on cars at the rental… Read More

Finally up in the air and about half way through my flight to Atlanta. Once I get there I still have about an hour and a half drive to Auburn before I can lay my head down. Man you would think I would get some sleep on the plane but i can’t sleep unless I… Read More

Sitting here in the Alaska Airlines Board Room Stuck for the day. My 610am flight was cancelled due to a bad plane. So My getting up at 415am has gone to waste. I am now waiting for my 300pm fight out to atlanta. I am here with 2 co-workers so we will see what we… Read More

Test one two! If this works I may passout from excitment! **Edit** This means that now I can blog from the road without issue. Mass posts from the plane! From the Terminal! Yea Thank You WordPress for working on my BlackBerry!… Read More

Now playing: Dropkick Murphys – Last Letter Home Got everything up to date on the ZEN.  Damn it was a pain in the ass but its done.  I have the DVD player charged up too. Rounders will be playing on the plane tomorrow for sure in honor of the WSOP day 3 in Vegas. Just… Read More

Well I am getting ready to head to the ATL tomorrow for a few days.  Well I am heading to Alabama but flying into Atlanta.  I just got my tickets on Friday so I could leave. Now I was going to go there next week anyway but it seems that my trip plans were changed… Read More