This is just amazing!  This is the first 2 of 3 days of the WSOP.  Take a look at the Bust outs!  WOW WOW WOW… Lots of big names are DONE!  10k Gone!  If your interested in some really good blog update action head on over to the Tao of Poker.  Pauly is blogging his… Read More

Well it seems that there are more people then ever reading this blog!  I am so happy that I might start writing for real. I would like to mention that I received a comment from the hippest XBOX chick ever so I am gonna pimp here again here (since I now know she googles herself to find… Read More

throwingstardna: London Flypaper I have been thinking of things to say about this situation over the pond but I think Guav summed up what I had to say in the post. England is a country that has been blowed the fuck up way to many times to have 4 bombs screw them up! Prayers to… Read More

As I mentioned a few posts ago I have been using FireFox as my new Browser of Choice.  I am really happy with it.  I have noticed that the CSS works great for all sites on FireFox where IE/Avant screws things up. So on that note I am now promoting FireFox on my site with… Read More

Headed out to Monroe last night for the Demo Derby.  It was a lot of fun.  The derby is a good time to watch and it always is good to see everything going on. This time I went I dunno which was worse the cars on the track or the people in the stands.  Man I… Read More

Went yesterday and got my new ink yesterday.  I got the matching piece to my forearm work.  I will get a picture soon.  Its all blue and purple and looks sweet.… Read More

Everyone go and get Liz Phair’s Rock Me right now. Any song where she says that she wants to lay on my floor and play XBOX rocks way to much! What a line for a girl to say.  WOW….I would expect that from Trixie but Liz Phair?  That just made my day! … Read More

I have busted out FireFox again!  I have not used my other browsers in like 3 days on all my computers.  Its kinda weird but I think I would rather use FireFox.  I feel so dirty cause of it. Its kinda like cheating.  I am a dirty dirty boy.… Read More

Its good to be back in the blog world.  I am happy again that I can get some stuff done. It seems I have been in Seattle for a long time.  I am still here next week as well.  Then I am off to the other side of the county.  Kinda looking forward to that. … Read More

After the last two days of looking into different solutions to my problems, I took matters into my own hands. I have moved to wordpress.  I thinks its a change for the good.  I like the interface and I thinks its much better for the everyday blogger thats not trying to do all kinds of… Read More