I really thought I was gonna like this platform. I really did. But I am really starting to hate it. I have lost the ability to post from 3rd party apps. I keep getting a stupid method error that it I can’t find in the code. I have tried two different versions of the add-on… Read More

So I was readingCNN this morning and came across this page. It talks about how much the internet has changed the way we live? I am in a bubble of technology so I can tell if this is true. I am the internet. I live by email. I goggle or MSN search everything. I have… Read More

I have lots going on in my head right now. I need to find away to get all this stuff out in a way that makes since. You would think that with all this technology around me I would have stuff figured out. I know lots of stuff but for some reason I get it… Read More

I am a poker player. I am not a good poker player but I love the game. I have for a long time now and have been playing for a few years. So I do read alot about poker and go to alot of websites that the pros write for. I am a huge fan… Read More

Heading out to the Demo Derby for the forth of July out in Monroe. Went a few years ago for my birthday and it was alot of fun. I am looking forward to going out there. They have Fireworks and a Prison! Gotta love Western Washington. Go to http://www.evergreenspeedway.com/ if you want to check it… Read More

Well I have made the Change from .Text. I have moved up to Community Server. I thought about moving to word press and thought about it some more and decided to stay with Scott W. and move to CS. It was a really easy move even though I use a web host and not my… Read More

Carbon Leaf is a really cool band. They are from Richmond, VA and have the Mid Atlantic Collage vibe going on. The music is very heavy and light at the same time. I saw them a few years ago with Jason Mraz and Ziggy Marley at some Tree Hugger event. They had a great set… Read More

Its suppose to be 80 degrees here in Seattle today! Good thing I have been practicing my hot weather training in Miami and Hawaii! Bring it…. Feels kinda weird to be here for a day thats not a weekend. I am gonna forget what the airport looks like. I don’t get back on a plane… Read More

Damn I don’t know how people do it with out highspeed access. Besides no highspeed my head is ready to explode. To much going on right now. Hawaii is really nice though. I forgot how beautiful the vegetation is here. Lots of palm trees.… Read More

I am getting ready to leave for Hawaii in a minute. Man its been a long time since I have been there. Lucky me I leave Miami in a Tropical Storm and head to Rainy Hawaii! Man it feels like I just got off a plane.… Read More