SInce I have spent a few weeks in Miami and being around Cubans I have aquired a love for the ‘Colada’. This is a sweet espresso drink that takes time to master. I did purchase some coffee while in Miami to perfect this drink. I will perfect this drink. Now being a huge coffee drinker… Read More

Well I think I am in love with Rhapsody. I am able to get all kinds of music and yes I can get it to my IPOD. I got all kinds of CDs today. Stuff that I have wanted but never really wanted to buy. It is a subscription service and yes I don’t get… Read More

Well I am back in Miami this week and though its not as hot this week, it is SUPER humid. Man I am sweating like a crazy person. its only like 88 but 100% humidity but I need some air. STUFFY. I am gonna take some pictures of the buildings here this week. I am… Read More

Ended up having to head to the ER on Saturday. It seems that I had a cyst in my ear lobe that got super infected and my earlobe looked like an elephant ear. Went to the Doc and they did some minor cutting and pumped me full of drugs to kill the beast in my… Read More

Well it finally happened to me. I was on a flight with a medical emergency. One of the worst things you can ever hear on a plane, “If there are any EMT’s onboard, Please ring your attendent bell”. I was 2 rows back of the issue so I was able to see, hear and smell… Read More