Today is election day in the US. For us its a pretty big deal. Hell I am pretty sure the world is looking to see what happens in the US today/tonight. I cast my vote 2 weeks ago but I have been watching and waiting for tonight. But the reason for this post is to… Read More

Well its Monday of closing week on the new house in Renton. It seems like things could fall apart at any time even though I have been on top of everything since the beginning. It seems its just I dotting and T crossing at this point but Friday can’t come soon enough. We still need… Read More

IMG_4678 Originally uploaded by lastweeksfreak This is my favorite picture of me this summer. Post Surgery and trying to go big! To bad my wake boarding season is pretty much over just as it started. Looking forward to a few more sessions before the end of the season. It cant be spring soon enough!… Read More

Sitting on a houseboat about 14 hours from Seattle right now. Things are good 2 days on. Got a few sessions of wakeboarding and I have been learning to wake surf. Pretty fun and relaxing so far. You can see by the picture things are peaceful.… Read More

I am back in California for the second time this year.  Its a bit different then last time which was a quick 24 hour trip to the GooglePlex.  This time I am here seeing my daughter which is awesome. Its been a long time since I have seen her and I am glad we are… Read More

iPhone Tip! Turn off the wireless when not on a wireless network of your choosing! This will save you plenty of Battery Life for surfing tubes at fast 3G speeds while on the go!… Read More

iPhone 3G Tip: If you use your Headphone jack you may experiance your iPhone no longer making those cool little sounds like New Mail and SMS ect. The Phone ringer still worked but everything else stopped working. So far I have been baffled by the lack of info on the issue but if you power… Read More

So yesterday I decided to head out to Bellevue Square Mall Apple store to pick up a v2 iPhone.  I know that was dumb but sometimes I am dumb.  Note This story began at 5pm not 5 am. So I get there and see the line….It was HUGE.  The store was filled with people, there… Read More